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It has been a month of feeling completely overwhelmed firstly with the loss of my wonderful Grandmother, who lived to an incredible 95. She bought me my first proper watercolour field box when I was about 13. A beautiful, monogrammed brass box which unfolded to reveal three little palettes, water bottle and travel brush. It’s still one of my most treasured possessions.

Then Putin invaded Ukraine and the horrors started unfolding on our screens. Unsurprisingly I have been unable to focus at all on my painting. I started following @johnsweeneyroar on Twitter, now a freelance journalist based in Kyiv. John came to Sark about ten years ago to make a Panorama for the BBC when I was in Government there. (‘The tax haven twins’ on YouTube).

Then I started thinking. mostly about why I paint. What is the usefulness of an artist? I suppose it’s something most artists ask themselves at some time or other.

It defines who I am. Painting, drawing, creating things which bring joy into people’s lives. That makes me happy too.

This week I have completed two pieces in my studio. The first will be part of an exhibition planned for the end of the year here in Guernsey and the second (see picture) is a large charcoal drawing for a good friend whose parents lived at the Barracks in Little Sark.


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