Frederick Judd Waugh and Sark

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As I type this, Storm Eunice rages outside. A red weather warning is in place and here on the west coast of Guernsey there was a high tide of up to 9.1m (29.9ft) which meant that coast roads have been closed.
Wind speeds are predicted to peak at Gale Force 9, with gusts up to 70mph, though it feels worse out there at the moment.

I have been looking at the incredible sea paintings of Frederick Judd Waugh and doing a bit of research into his life when he lived in Sark for two years from 1893. He said that the Island was a model for most of the conditions that a marine painter needed to study, and he should know as he is regarded as America’s best!

The sea is what interests me most about living in these Islands. Over the years I have dived under it, fished from it and I feel like I couldn’t live without seeing it. it is both wonderful and frightening and when I was young I had a phobia of being in boats in rough weather. I have the utmost respect for it and it’s incredible power and want to give a sense of this through my own work.

5 thoughts on “Frederick Judd Waugh and Sark

  1. Beautifully put Rosie. I think we islanders contain some saltwater in our veins. It’s hard to be away from the sea. She lives inside us.

  2. I have often wondered if he just visited sark or lived there. Do you know where he lived ? He must have met and known William Toplis when he was there.
    Norman Wilkinson. Channel Islands Auctions.

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