Rosanne Guille MA (RCA)

Born in 1973, I grew up surrounded by some of the most stunning coastal scenery in the world, in the Channel Island of Sark. I am very proud of my ancestry which I can trace back to the first settlers of 1565.  For me Sark was the centre of the Universe!  During the 1990’s I trained as a natural history illustrator at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art & Design and subsequently at the Royal College of Art in London where I was very proud to gain a Masters Degree.

After a couple of years living and painting back home in Sark I then decided to travel and paint alongside fellow RCA graduate and friend Debbie Tyzack.  We travelled through India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada.  I also visited the Galápagos Islands and South Africa where I kept sketchbooks of the iconic special wildlife of these unique environments.  In 2002 I held my first solo exhibition in Guernsey of wildlife and landscapes of the Channel Islands.  I have since had further solo exhibitions in Guernsey in 2018 (“From Life” at the Market Buildings) and 2020 (“New Life” at the Coach House Gallery). I have illustrated for BBC Wildlife magazine, Usborne Publishing and have had work accepted into the annual exhibitions of the Society of Wildlife Artists and the Royal Miniature Society.  I ran my own Gallery in Sark from 1997 to 2019.

The concept of using art as a vehicle for conservation has always interested me and in 2010 rapid changes in Sark led to concerns on the Island that its natural habitat and unique way of life were under threat.  Sark’s Government and the Islanders made it financially possible for a visit from the Internationally renowned organisation the Artists for Nature Foundation.  During 2011 I organised visits by twenty one of the world’s best wildlife and landscape artists.  They came to Sark to paint, draw and sculpt with the intention that their work would be used to focus public attention on how incredible the tiny island of Sark is.  I worked as one of these artists and organised the project exhibitions and book ‘Art for the Love of Sark’.

I have now ‘island hopped’ to neighbouring Guernsey, where I have found that a change of environment is having a transformational effect on my work. I have broken away from my beloved watercolours, and I am enjoying the challenge of oil painting and pastels while getting back to the basics of really good observational drawing which I feel is so important in my art.

My current work is pushing me further out of my comfort zone. I feel excited again about about my art, almost to the point of obsession. I have lots of future projects in my head, as I seem to want to draw and paint everything I see, and I really feel that this is the most productive chapter in my art career so far.

I hope to keep a selection of my work available on this site, including originals and quality prints. I also have works at The Coach House Gallery, Quay Gallery and the Sula Gallery.